Pollyanna - Eleanor H. Porter İngilizce Kitap Özeti. Pollyanna - Eleanor H. Porter English Book Summary

Pollyanna Whittier is an orphan girl, who used to interpret everything with extreme positive attitude, which is called “the Glad Game”. This was taught by her father, a priest, in one Christmas when Pollyanna, who was hoping for a doll in the missionary barrel (a gift box), found only a pair of crutches inside. He taught her how easy to make yourself console by looking at the good side of things. In this incident he told her to be glad about the crutches because “we don’t need ’em!”. After her father deceased, she had to shift to her wealthy but strict Aunt Polly in Beldingsville, Vermont. Even she was left with nothing; she could take that so called learning of the glad game with her. She used this and her cheerful personality as a method to transform this boring New England town into a pleasant place.

When her aunt was stern to keep Pollyanna in an airless attic room without carpets or pictures, she played the game by delighting for the beautiful view from the high window. When her aunt tries to punish her for being late to dinner by giving her a meal of only bread and milk in the kitchen with the servant, Nancy; Pollyanna played the game by liking the bread and milk, and liking Nancy so much.

She could teach this game to many people in the area including “most difficult” Mrs. Snow and “stingy and friendless” Mr. Pendleton. Her aunt of course was another player but after resisting the game longer than anyone else. However, Pollyanna is able to make her spinster aunt talk and feel the love and care. Then all these happy times becomes shaky with Pollyanna gets hit by a car and loses the use of her legs. At this time her little thoughts become shaky. Then, all others who experienced the encouragement from her and from her glad game come to convince her to be glad that she had legs. At the end of this first book Aunt Polly is getting married to her former lover. Pollyanna learns to walk again after the treatments.


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