İngilizcede En Çok Kullanılan 1000 Kelime ve Anlamları
İngilizce Türkçe Örnek Cümle
a bir a car, a flower, a table
ability kabiliyet, yetenek, beceri, güç, iktidar He has the ability to do the job.
able yapabilmek, yapabilen I’m able to swim.
about hakkında, ilgili, konusunda Tell us about Tom.
above yukarıda Tom lives in the room above us.
accept kabul etmek He accepted my idea.
according göre We’re proceeding according to plan.
account Hesap, açıklama, banka hesabı Here’s my account number.
across karşısında It’s across the street.
act hareket, eylem, davranış You need to act.
action eylem, etki, hareket His action frightened us.
activity faaliyet, etkinlik What’s your favorite holiday activity?
actually aslında, gerçekte We never actually met.
add eklemek, katmak, ilave etmek, toplamak, katmak Add more water to it.
address adres Give me Tom’s address.
administration yönetim, idare They complained about the city administration.
admit Kabul etmek admit my mistake.
adult yetişkin, erişkin Two adult tickets, please.
affect etkilemek, etki etmek The audience was deeply affected.
after sonra, ardından, daha sonra Repeat after me.
again tekrar, yeniden I’ll try again.
against karşısında, karşı It’s against the rules.
age yaş Tom is my age.
agency Ajans, acenta Tom started an advertising agency.
agent Ajan, temsilci, etken He is an FBI agent.
ago önce, evvel Tom left an hour ago.
agree anlaşmak, kabul etmek Tom and Mary agree.
agreement Anlaşma, sözleşme That was our agreement.
ahead Önde, ileri Go ahead and ask Tom.
air hava We need fresh air.
all herşey, tüm, bütün Is that all?
allow izin vermek I can’t allow you to do that.
almost neredeyse, hemen hemen It’s almost 2:30.
alone yalnız, tek başına I live alone.
along boyunca, yanı sıra Come along with me.
already zaten It’s already 7:00.
also ayrıca, hem de also like candy.
although rağmen, karşın , gerçi Although it rained, everyone had a good time.
always her zaman, daima He’s always busy.
American Amerikan I’m an American; we don’t have masters.
among arasında, içinde Divide the cake among you three.
amount miktar, tutar, değer This amount includes tax.
analysis analiz, çözümleme After careful analysis, he decided not to go.
and ve, ile Come and see.
animal hayvan I love animals.
another bir diğeri, başka, farklı, ayrı I need another job.
answer cevap, yanıt Answer the phone.
any herhangi, hiç, her Is there any sugar?
anyone kimse, herhangi biri, hiç kimse Anyone home?
anything bir şeyi herhangi bir şey, hiçbir şey Can I do anything?
appear görünmek, gözükmek Tom sometimes appears on TV.
apply uygulamak, başvurmak I’d like to apply for a job.
approach yaklaşım, yaklaşma Don’t approach the dog.
area alan, bölge There is no beach in this area.
argue tartışmak I don’t have time to argue.
arm kol, silah, dal Tom broke his arm.
around etrafında I left around 2:30.
arrive varmak, ulaşmak Tom arrives today.
art sanat Last week I visited a beautiful art store.
article makale, madde, yazı The article was written in French.
artist sanatçı Tom wants to be a tattoo artist.
as gibi, olarak Do as you like.
ask sormak, istemek Don’t ask.
assume varsaymak, farzetmek assume you’re angry.
attack saldırı, atak We’re under attack.
attention dikkat Pay attention.
attorney avukat, vekil I’m an attorney.
audience seyirci, izleyici The audience was deeply affected.
author yazar Who is your favorite author?
authority yetki, otorite I have the authority to do this.
available müsait, mevcut, geçerli Are seats available?
avoid önlemek, kaçınmak I’m trying to avoid Tom.
away uzak, uzakta Take that away.
baby bebek The baby is crying.
back geri Turn back from here.
bad kötü The weather will be bad today.
bag sırt çantası Do not forget your bag.
ball top The ball is in your court now.
bank banka Her bank account is zero.
bar bar He sat on the bar.
base üs, temel, baz He is working in the navy base.
be olmak, var olmak Be quite.
beat dövmek, yenmek We beat them.
beautiful güzel The weather is beautiful today.
because çünkü I do it because I want to.
become olmak, haline gelmek It’s become dark.
bed yatak Go to bed before 12:00.
before önce Go to bed before 12:00.
begin başlamak, başlatmak Let’s begin.
behavior davranış, tutum, hareket I don’t speak with because of his behaviour.
behind arkasında, gerisinde Stay behind the wall.
believe inanmak, inancı olmak Believe me, it is true.
benefit yarar, fayda I can benefit from your experience.
best en iyi, en iyisi, en I am the best player in the team.
better daha iyi, daha güzel, daha iyi şekilde He is better than me.
between arasında, aralarında Choose between this two colors.
beyond ötesinde, öte My house is beyond that bridge.
big büyük How big is it?
bill Fatura I have to pay the internet bill.
billion milyar One in a billion.
black siyah Do you see the black clouds.
blood kan My blood type is Orh+.
blue mavi The sky is blue.
board yazı tahtası Clean the board please.
body vücut He has a strong body.
book kitap Open your books.
born doğmuş, doğum I was born in 2000.
both her ikisi de, ikisi de They both smile.
box kutu Your gift is in that red box.
boy erkek çocuk Boys are playing football.
break kırılma Who broke the glass?
bring getirmek Bring your bag with you.
brother erkek kardeş I have 2 brothers and one sister.
budget bütçe We are traveling on a tight budget.
build inşa etmek They are building a new house.
building bina The building is very high.
business I have a business English course tonight.
but fakat, ama, lakin I want to come but it is too late.
buy satın almak Can I buy this one?
by tarafından, ile, göre, vasıtasıyla He came by bus.
call aramak Can you call her?
camera kamera Turn off the camera please.
campaign kampanya Did you take part in the campaign?
can yapabilmek can do it.
cancer kanser Cancer of the Stomach is a common disease.
candidate aday Michael was the perfect candidate.
capital Başkent The capital was the center of the commercial activities.
car Araba Her car was in full view.
card Kart A Christmas card come to life.
care bakım He will not care.
career kariyer She had a short career as a writer.
carry Taşımak I bid you carry it to him.
case dava Don’t plead my case for me.
catch yakalamak Catch hold from underneath.
cause sebep olmak All I do is cause pain.
cell hücre The cell reproduced and the organism grew.
center merkez This way, around the center of the lake.
central merkezi After the war, it remained a central hub.
century Yüzyıl century later, machines entered the scene.
certain Belli I feel certain of it.
certainly kesinlikle She certainly didn’t feel any different.
chair sandalye He leaned forward in his chair, sobering.
challenge meydan okuma I like a challenge once in a while.
chance Şans You had your chance to solve it on your own.
change değişiklik He was struck by the change in him.
character karakter It was totally out of character for her.
charge şarj etmek I will be in charge of your initiation.
check Kontrol I’ll check that too.
child çocuk This child has a wonderful gift.
choice seçim At that moment there was a choice to make.
choose seçmek I had hoped he’d choose your sister.
church kilise Are you all going to church this morning?
citizen vatandaş You’re a private citizen in a few days.
city şehir You should have called the city cops.
civil sivil The last civil war set us back fifty years.
claim iddia She went to claim it.
class sınıf He skipped the class on good nom de plumes.
clear açık It was clear and frosty.
clearly Açıkça His expression was clearly displeased.
close kapat Close our eyes, count to five.
coach Koç Do you have a coach?
cold soğuk It was cold in the cave.
collection Toplamak Vogt published a collection of Bugenhagen’s correspondence in 1888
college kolej She’ll be going to college next month.
color renk The color is amazing.
come gelmek I can come back.
commercial ticari The capital was the center of the commercial activities.
common ortak She will only utilize it for common good.
community Topluluk To her surprise, the condo community was as quiet as the night she left.
company Şirket Go and keep her company for ten minutes.
compare karşılaştırmak I don’t compare you to Josh.
computer bilgisayar Yes, and I ordered a computer for you too.
concern ilgilendirmek So there’s no concern these visions may stop completely?
condition şart Do you know the condition I am in?
conference konferans Death dude sat at the back of the conference room, out of the glare of the screen.
Congress Kongre The Berlin congress decided that it should remain with Servia.
consider göz önüne almak It was too far to consider driving every day, even if she had a car.
consumer tüketici There was a rising worldwide consumption of consumer goods.
contain içermek Fred could hardly contain his excite­ment.
continue devam et He would continue until he was satisfied.
control kontrol I can’t control it yet.
cost maliyet It must have cost a fortune!
could Yapabilir What could he do about it but lose more sleep?
country Ülke The country was wild and beautiful.
couple çift I have a couple of polo shirts, but no light shirts.
course ders Its course down the cliff was marked by the cracking of limbs.
court mahkeme “The ball is in your court,” I said.
cover örtü Deep from the fire-bars to the cover.
create yaratmak Trading is able to create value for two reasons.
crime suç The crime had begun and must now be completed.
cultural kültürel This gave people a shared set of cultural references.
culture kültür If only she understood our culture better.
cup fincan He took the cup from her hand.
current şu andaki This is the current battle situation.
customer müşteri They suggest other products a customer might be interested in.
cut Kesmek I’ve cut enough here for supper.
dark Karanlık He looked tall and lean in a dark suit.
data veri You have some access to data bases that could be helpful.
daughter kız evlat I remember the daughter, too.
day gün “This may be the last great day,” he said.
dead Ölü A living dog is better than a dead lion.
deal Anlaşmak She’d deal with him later.
death ölüm I was scared to death I couldn’t… get back!
debate Tartışma See you at the debate tomorrow.
decade on yıl Then there can be a week, a month, a year, a decade, and a century without war.
decide karar vermek I hope you decide to take the job.
decision karar It was no small decision for her.
deep derin She drew a deep breath.
defense savunma In her defense, she thought I was trying to kill her.
degree derece Every child feels displaced to some degree when a new sibling arrives.
Democrat Demokrat I’m a tried and true democrat.
democratic demokratik You have to split this in a nice democratic fashion.
describe tanımlamak I can’t describe how helpless I felt.
design tasarım It’s a Lou Rankin design, Fred answered.
despite rağmen He appeared relaxed, despite the danger.
detail ayrıntı I related in detail what I’d learned on line.
determine belirlemek She couldn’t determine if she’d won this round or not.
develop geliştirmek The second crop of cabbage was starting to develop, and the okra looked good.
development Kalkınma But three years later a new economic development began.
die ölmek I should die of happiness!
difference Fark He was so tall there was a vast difference in their height.
different farklı There’s nothing wrong with having a different opinion.
difficult zor It must be difficult for Alex to keep you happy.
dinner akşam yemeği Dinner will be ready at six O’clock.
direction Yön She faced the direction from which she’d come.
director Yönetmen You’re a vital asset and the director knows it.
discover Keşfetmek I want to discover what I can do.
discuss Tartışmak They could discuss it privately when they got home.
discussion tartışma Once decided, there would be no discussion or argument.
disease Hastalık Given all this, do you really believe this disease still has a chance?
do yapmak I never thought I could do it.
doctor doktor The doctor seemed tired and in a hurry.
dog köpek Does a dog have ears?
door kapı The door opened and Alex stepped into the room.
down aşağı She sat down on the bed and sighed again.
draw Çizmek He evidently wished to draw him on.
dream rüya dream of you too, dear.
drive Sürmek Do you want me to drive you there?
drop düşürmek Can you just drop me off near the mall?
drug uyuşturucu Had Allen been here to make a drug deal with Giddon?
during sırasında Sleep was not her friend during the day.
each her For each dinner, sixty or more people show up.
early erken I never eat this early in the morning.
east doğu Sun rises in the east and sets in the west.
easy kolay You make an easy target.
eat yemek “I eat in here,” he said.
economic ekonomik This is a straight shot to economic poverty for any country desperate enough to try it.
economy Ekonomi The economy was affected by the establishment of a land tax.
edge Kenar His voice had an edge to it.
education Eğitim “That’s what comes of a modern education,” exclaimed the visitor.
effect Efekt The changes had an immediate effect.
effort çaba I admire the effort and sacrifice you put into it.
eight sekiz Newly crowned heroine Lydia Larkin won the election by eight votes.
either ya He put a hand on either side of her.
election seçim Jake’s not standing for election next August.
else başka Someone else carries this baby for you.
employee çalışan The employee turned to her and waved her through.
end son In the end, there was no choice.
energy enerji Now put that energy into walking.
enjoy keyif almak You’re beginning to enjoy it, aren’t you?
enough yeterli She had enough for the entire family.
enter girmek I’ll wait ’til you enter the door.
entire tamamı She had enough for the entire family.
environment Çevre The law was a win for the environment.
environmental Çevreci They must try to protect the environment.
especially özellikle Joseph feels especially good today.
establish kurmak She established the rules.
evening akşam How is your evening going on?
event olay She will win the event.
ever Hiç Did you ever feel so bad?
every her Every alive people drinks water.
everybody Herkes Everybody knows that 2+2=4.
everyone herkes Everyone should feel the fresh air.
everything her şey You should know everything.
evidence delil She doesn’t have any evidence.
exactly kesinlikle I don’t know exactly where she is.
example örnek Why don’t you read Rıza’s example?
executive yönetici Ahmet is soft enough to be a good executive.
exist var olmak She believes that angels exist.
expect ummak What do you expect from me?
experience deneyim Do you have experience for this job?
expert uzman The expert is called for advice.
explain açıklamak She will explain the case to you.
eye göz Close your right eye and smile.
face Yüz
fact Gerçek
factor Faktör
fail başarısız
fall düşmek
family aile
far Uzak
fast hızlı
father Baba
fear korku
federal federal
feel Hissetmek
feeling duygu
few az
field alan
fight kavga
figure şekil
fill Doldurmak
film film
final Nihai
finally en sonunda
financial Mali
find Bulmak
fine Güzel
finger parmak
finish bitiş
fire ateş
firm Firma
first ilk
fish balık
five beş
floor Zemin
fly uçmak
focus Odaklanmak
follow Takip etmek
food Gıda
foot ayak
for için
force Kuvvet
foreign yabancı
forget unutmak
form form
former eski
forward Ileri
four dört
free ücretsiz
friend arkadaş
front ön
full tam
fund fon, sermaye
future Gelecek
game Oyun
garden Bahçe
gas gaz
general genel
generation Nesil
get almak
girl kız
give Vermek
glass bardak
go gitmek
goal hedef
good iyi
government Hükümet
great harika
green yeşil
ground zemin
group Grup
grow Büyümek
growth büyüme
guess tahmin
gun Silah
guy adam
hair saç
half yarım
hand el
hang asmak
happen olmak
happy mutlu
hard zor
have sahip olmak
he O
head Kafa
health sağlık
hear duymak
heart Kalp
heat sıcaklık
heavy ağır
help Yardım
her ona
here İşte
herself kendini
high yüksek
him Onu
himself Kendisi
his Onun
history Tarih
hit Çarptı
hold Tutmak
home ev
hope umut
hospital hastane
hot Sıcak
hotel otel
hour saat
house ev
how Nasıl
however ancak
huge Kocaman
human insan
hundred yüz
husband koca
idea Fikir
identify Tanımlamak
if Eğer
image Imge
imagine hayal etmek
impact Etki
important önemli
improve Geliştirmek
in içinde
include Dahil etmek
including dahil olmak üzere
increase artırmak
indeed aslında
indicate Belirtmek
individual Bireysel
industry Endüstri
information bilgi
inside Içeride
instead yerine
institution Kurum
interest faiz
interesting ilginç
international Uluslararası
interview röportaj
into Içine
investment yatırım
involve Dahil etmek
issue konu
it o
item Öğe
its onun
itself Kendis
join katılmak
just sadece
keep Tutmak
key Anahtar
kid çocuk
kill öldürmek
kind Tür
kitchen mutfak
know Bilmek
knowledge bilgi
land Arazi
language dil
large geniş
last son
late geç
later sonra
laugh gülmek
law hukuk
lawyer avukat
lay Yatırmak
lead öncülük etmek
leader Lider
learn Öğrenmek
least en az
leave ayrılmak
left ayrıldı
leg bacak
legal yasal
less az
let Izin vermek
letter Mektup
level Seviye
lie Yalan
life Hayat
light Işık
like sevmek
likely Muhtemel
line çizgi, sıra
list liste
listen Dinlemek
little Küçük
live canlı
local yerel
long uzun
look bakmak
lose kaybetmek
loss Kayıp
lot çok
love Aşk
low düşük
machine Makine
magazine Dergi
main ana
maintain sürdürmek
majority Çoğunluk
make Yapmak
man adam
manage Yönetmek
management Yönetim
manager Müdür
many Çok
market pazar
marriage evlilik
material malzeme
matter Madde
may Mayıs ayı
maybe olabilir
me ben mi
mean anlamına gelmek
measure Ölçmek
media Medya
medical tıbbi
meet Buluşmak
meeting toplantı
member Üye
memory Hafıza
mention söz etmek
message mesaj
method yöntem
middle orta
might belki
military askeri
million milyon
mind Zihin
minute dakika
miss Özlemek
mission misyon
model Model
modern modern
moment an
money para
month ay
more Daha
morning sabah
most çoğu
mother Anne
mouth ağız
move hareket etmek
movement Hareket
movie film
Mr Bay
Mrs bayan
much çok
music müzik
must Zorunlu
my benim
myself kendim
name Isim
nation Ulus
national Ulusal
natural doğal
nature doğa
near Yakın
nearly neredeyse
necessary gerekli
need Ihtiyaç
never asla
new yeni
news haber
newspaper gazete
next Sonraki
nice Güzel
night gece
no yok hayır
none Yok
nor Ne de
north kuzeyinde
not değil
note Not
nothing Hiçbir şey
notice ihbar
now Şimdi
number numara
occur Meydana gelmek
off Kapalı
offer Teklif etmek
office ofis
officer Memur
official resmi
often Sıklıkla
oil yağ
ok tamam
old eski
on Üzerinde
once bir Zamanlar
one bir
only bir tek
onto üstüne
open açık
operation Ameliyat
opportunity Fırsat
option Seçenek
or veya
order sipariş
organization Organizasyon
other diğer
others Diğerleri
our bizim
out dışarı
outside dışında
over Bitti
own kendi
owner sahip
page sayfa
pain Ağrı
painting Boyama
paper Kağıt
parent Ebeveyn
part Bölüm
participant katılımcı
particular Özel
particularly özellikle
partner ortak
party Parti
pass Geçmek
past Geçmiş
patient hasta
pattern Desen
pay Ödemek
peace Barış
people insanlar
per başına
perform Gerçekleştirmek
performance Performans
perhaps Belki
period Dönem
person kişi
personal kişisel
phone telefon
physical fiziksel
pick Almak
picture resim
piece parça
place Yer
plan plan
plant bitki
play Oynamak
player Oyuncu
point puan
police polis
policy politika
political Siyasi
politics siyaset
poor Fakir
popular popüler
population Nüfus
position Pozisyon
positive pozitif
possible mümkün
power güç
practice Uygulama
prepare Hazırlamak
present mevcut
president Devlet Başkanı
pressure basınç
pretty güzel
prevent engel olmak
price fiyat
private özel
probably muhtemelen
problem sorun
process Işlem
produce üretmek
product ürün
production üretim
professional profesyonel
professor Profesör
program Program
project Proje
property Gayrimenkul
protect Korumak
prove kanıtlamak
provide sağlamak
public halka açık
pull Çek
purpose Amaç
push Itmek
put koymak
quality kalite
question soru
quickly hızlı bir şekilde
quite oldukça
race yarış
radio radyo
raise yükseltmek
range Menzil
rate Oran
rather daha doğrusu
reach Ulaşmak
read okumak
ready hazır
real gerçek
reality Gerçeklik
realize Farketmek
really Gerçekten mi
reason neden
receive teslim almak
recent son
recently son günlerde
recognize tanımak
record kayıt
red kırmızı
reduce Azaltmak
reflect Yansıtmak
region Bölge
relate Ilişki kurmak
relationship Ilişki
religious dini
remain kalmak
remember hatırlamak
remove kaldırmak
report rapor
represent temsil etmek
Republican Cumhuriyetçi
require Gerektirir
research Araştırma
resource kaynak
respond yanıtlamak
response Cevap
responsibility Sorumluluk
rest dinlenme
result sonuç
return dönüş
reveal ortaya çıkartmak
rich zengin
right sağ
rise Yükselmek
risk risk
road yol
rock Kaya
role Rol
room Oda
rule kural
run koşmak
safe Güvenli
same aynı
save kayıt etmek
say söylemek
scene faliyet alani, sahne
school Okul
science Bilim
scientist Bilim insanı
score Skor
sea deniz
season sezon
seat koltuk
second ikinci
section Bölüm
security güvenlik
see görmek
seek aramak
seem görünmek
sell satmak
send Göndermek
senior Kıdemli
sense Anlam
series dizi
serious ciddi
serve servis
service hizmet
set Ayarlamak
seven Yedi
several birkaç
shake sallamak
share Paylaşmak
she o
shoot şut çekmek
short kısa
shot atış
should meli
shoulder omuz
show göstermek
side yan
sign işaret
significant önemli
similar benzer
simple basit
simply Basitçe
since dan beri
sing şarkı söyle
single tek
sister kız kardeş
sit Oturmak
site yer
situation durum
six altı
size boyut
skill beceri
skin Cilt
small küçük
smile gülümseme
so yani
social sosyal
society toplum
soldier asker
some bazı
somebody Birileri
someone birisi
something Bir şey
sometimes ara sıra
son oğul
song şarkı
soon yakında
sort çeşit
sound ses
source kaynak
south Güney
southern güney
space Boşluk
speak Konuşmak
special özel
specific özel
speech konuşma
spend Harcamak
sport spor
spring Bahar
staff personel
stage Sahne
stand Durmak
standard standart
star star
start başlama
state belirtmek
statement Beyan
station Istasyon
stay kalmak
step adım
still Hala
stock Stok
stop Dur
store Mağaza
story Öykü
strategy Strateji
street sokak
strong güçlü
structure Yapı
student Öğrenci
study ders çalışma
stuff şey
style Stil
subject Konu
success Başarı
successful başarılı
such Böyle
suddenly aniden
suffer acı çekmek
suggest önermek
summer yaz
support destek
sure emin
surface yüzey
system Sistem
table Tablo
take Almak
talk Konuşmak
task görev
tax vergi
teach Öğretmek
teacher öğretmen
team takım
technology Teknoloji
television televizyon
tell söylemek
ten on
tend Eğilmek
term terim
test test
thank teşekkür
that O
their onların
them Onları
themselves kendilerini
then sonra
theory Teori
there Orada
these bunlar
they onlar
thing şey
think Düşünmek
third üçüncü
this bu
those Bunlar
though Olsa da
thought Düşündü
thousand bin
threat tehdit
three üç
through vasitasiyla
throughout boyunca
throw atmak
thus Böylece
time zaman
to Için
today bugün
together birlikte
tonight Bu gece
too çok
top üst
total Genel Toplam
tough Sert
toward DOĞRU
town Kasaba
trade Ticaret
traditional geleneksel
training Eğitim
travel seyahat
treat tedavi etmek
treatment Tedavi
tree Ağaç
trial Deneme
trip Yolculuk
trouble sorun
true DOĞRU
truth hakikat
try Denemek
turn Çevirmek
TV televizyon
two iki
type Yazın
under altında
understand anlama
unit Ünite
until a kadar
up Yukarı
upon Üzerinde
us bize
use Kullanmak
usually genellikle
value Değer
various çeşitli
very çok
victim Kurban
view görünüm
violence şiddet
visit ziyaret etmek
voice Ses
vote oy
wait beklemek
walk Yürümek
wall duvar
want istemek
war savaş
watch izlemek
water Su
way Yol
we Biz
weapon Silah
wear giyinmek
week hafta
weight ağırlık
well iyi
west batısında
western Batıda
what ne
whatever her neyse
when ne zaman
where nerede
which hangi
while iken
white beyaz
who Kim
whom kime
whose kimin
why Neden
wide geniş
wife kadın eş
win Kazanmak
wind Rüzgar
window Pencere
wish Dilek
with ile
within Içinde
without Olmadan
woman Kadın
wonder merak etmek
word Kelime
worker işçi
world Dünya
worry endişelenmek
would Olur mu
write yazmak
writer yazar
wrong yanlış
yard avlu
yeah Evet
year yıl
yes Evet
yet Henüz
you sen
young genç
your Senin
yourself kendin


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